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What we do

Latin Smile-UK is a charity that provides support to communities in the UK and Latin America. One of our key projects is our food bank, which aims to help those who are facing economic hardship.

Through our food bank, we have been able to donate over 2500KG of basic food items such as pasta, milk, bread, butter, and more to people in need throughout the United Kingdom. Additionally, we have provided clothing to those facing tough weather conditions.

We believe that everyone should have access to the basic necessities of life, and our food bank project is just one way we are working towards this goal.

To further strengthen our efforts, we are currently sending volunteers to Latin America to work on projects that support communities in need. We are committed to making a positive impact both locally and globally, and we invite you to join us in our mission.


Who we are

We provide food banks to families in need across the UK. Our goal is to ensure that no one goes hungry. With the help of volunteers and donors, we are making a positive impact in the lives of families facing financial difficulties, illness, or other challenges.

How your donation helps



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