Mr Salvatore Tripi
2005 - Founder
In the year 2005 a group of people founded in London Latin Smile-UK.

Latin Smile-UK was created to bring different types of support to local communities in the UK and people in South America.

Latin Smile-UK Seeks from its foundation to be an extension of the Latin culture in British lands.

Why the name Latin Smile-UK? In spite of the immense problems perhaps greater than those of the UK, the Latin people always have a smile on their faces.


We profoundly thank all those who have collaborated in these past years and those who still continue supporting us.


Our food bank project provided people in unfortunate circumstances basic food such as pasta, milk, bread, butter and more!

We managed to donate over 2500KG of food throughout the United Kingdom, benefiting those who have economic issues.

We also provided people in need with garments, specially during the tough weather conditions.

We are currently working in making our project more stronger by sending volunteers to Latin America.