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Volunteer in Peru

Peru is a place full of history, actually every corner has a bit to say. Great place for its rich culture, food, nature and friendly people.


It was the capital of the Inca Empire, from there you can reach Machu Picchu 'Inca's lost city' in the top of the mountain. In the city you can visit historical churches, museums and try traditional dishes. Although is a very famous place and tourist destination, there is extreme poverty. 


It is the capital of Peru, a city full of colonial monuments, rich food, lots of atractions, natural reserves and a place to find lots of projects to help. Here you can help  homeless people and abandoned animals.


It is in the Ica region. City surrounded by the sea,beautiful natural wetlands house of flamencos and other birds. Stay with a family and get to know more about their culture. Here you can help with a project that cleans the beach, the sea and teach some english.

Puerto Maldonado

Puerto Maldonado is in the jungle of Peru near of the Bolivian and Brazilian border. You will contact indigenous people. It's a city near to the countryside close to two big rivers, flora and fauna are everywhere. Here you can work with a project that protects the environment  and also help in the family farm.

Puerto Maldonado host
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